22 April 2022

The Solaris 50 touches the water

The Solaris 50 has been launched in the port of Monfalcone: the first of many units already sold.

The sea trials with our loyal customers have started today. In addition to the sea trials it will be possible to see the Solaris 60 and 64RS at the Marina Monfalcone and the rest of the Solaris range under construction at the shipyard in Aquileia.

The presentation of the new model began with the traditional refreshments, followed by the intervention via Skype of North Sails, which has been supplying sails to our Solaris yachts for over two years, and the intervention of the designer Javier Soto Acebal. Soto took care of the new project with great passion and competence and has been a prestigious presence in the Solaris team for years.

The Solaris 50 continues the path to commercial success.

A special thanks goes to our partners:

B&G, North Sails, Hall Spars, Bamar and the support of the new Marina di Monfalcone.